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U.S.A. Patriotic Dolls and Collectibles
This page is for U.S.A. patriotic and political dolls, action figures, accessories, figurines, plush, and many other political collectibles. It includes Presidents, political figures, characters in military uniforms and other patriotic ensembles, famous patriotic historical characters, July 4th costumes, Statue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, and other Americana.

Click on the underlined heading or picture to see a larger image and more information.

This section could gain over 100 items. If so, use the small numbers at the bottom to go to additional pages within this category.

alx0075aa.jpg ALX0075a Madame Alexander First Ladies, Sarah Jackson Doll 1979

Madame Alexander 14 inch vinyl First Ladies, 2nd Series, Sarah Jackson, from 1979-1981, has a pretty 'Louisa' face, brunette rooted hair, and dark moving eyes. She is wearing a replica of the formal ball gown won by the historical first lady at the Inaugural Ball of Andrew Jackson. This pre-owned discontinued doll is like new and mint-in-the-box, with its tag.
Only One

alx2101a.jpg 0ALX2101 Madame Alexander 2001 Flag Wavin' Maggie Doll

2001 Madame Alexander Limited Edition Flag Wavin' Maggie, is an adorable 8 inch girl doll that was made to honor the United States after September 11, 2001. This brunette doll's wig is styled in a flip style curls with bangs, and she has blue moving eyes. Her patriotic ensemble includes a blue felt jumper trimmed with red, white, and blue ribbons over a red and white striped body suit; a red, white, and blue straw hat; and red shoes. Of course, she is holding her miniature American flag. She is a special doll, and she was not made very long. Mint-in-the-box old stock, with tag, directly from Alexander Doll Co.
Sold Out

dov0006a.jpg DOV0006 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Paper Dolls, Tierney 1999

Tom Tierney's 1999 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Paper Dolls by Dover Publishing is a tribute to a remarkable woman. The booklet from contains 7 lifelike dolls of the former First Lady as a child, debutante, White House hostess, young widow, and wife of Aristotle Onassis. Also included are a doll of John F. Kennedy and Onassis. Accompanying the dolls are 27 detailed costumes including her wedding dress, tailored suits and dresses, evening gowns, and casual ensembles. New.
No. Available: 3

dov0011a.jpg DOV0011 Fashions of the First Ladies Paper Dolls, Dover 2006

Fashions of the First Ladies Paper Dolls in Full Color booklet by Tom Tierney is based on some of the most famous costumes that that first ladies; Mamie Eisenhower, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Lady Bird Johnson, Pat Nixon, Betty Ford, Rosalyn Carter, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush, Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and Michelle Obama wore while they were First Ladies and their husbands were president. This booklet has 16 pages of 11 color heavy board paper dolls, and 32 total costumes. The outfits include inaugural gowns, classic day wear, and casual outfits. The paper doll and outfits need to be cut out. There is also interesting information on the inner cover about each first lady. Booklet is new.
Last One

dov0020a.jpg DOV0020 Famous African-American Women Paper Dolls, Tierney, Dover

amous African-American Women Paper Dolls' by Tom Tierney, published by Dover Publishing and copyrighted in 1994 has 32 pages. These paper dolls and costumes need to be cut out. There are 16 dolls, and each doll is wearing a costume and has an additional costume. Among the paper dolls are Phyllis Wheatley, Sojourner Truth, Mary McLeod Bethune, Zora Neale Hurston, Althea Gibson, Rosa Parks, Leontyne Price, Maya Angelou, Shirley Chisholm, Toni Morrison, Mae C Jemison, MD, and others. The dolls and costumes are well-researched. Notes on the cover tell about the book and scenes in the book. These dolls and costumes are larger and easier to cut out than many of the other paper doll books, so that a young girl might also enjoy these. New, mint condition.
No. Available: 2

eme0003a.jpg EME0003 Enesco Mary Engelbreit Cuties Edward Teddy Bear 1999

1999 Enesco Mary Engelbreit Cuties Edward the Teddy Bear, approximately 12 inches tall, plush furry tan teddy bear with black stick-on eyes and pink embroidered nose. He is wearing blue and white striped shorts jumpsuit with white with red collar and red ribbon trim and black tie sailor shirt, yellow and red sailor hat with red pompom, white socks, and red shoes with pompoms. He is stuffed with a mixture of beans and soft filling. Retired, new, mint with tag. Expand listing to view both photographs.
No. Available: 2

eme0004a.jpg EME0004 Enesco Mary Engelbreit Cuties Delano Yellow Duck Plush

1999 Enesco Mary Engelbreit Cuties Delano the Yellow Duck with orange webbed feet and an orange beak, is an approximately 10 inch plush with black stick-on eyes, and a felt-like body with soft stuffing and beans. Delano was inspired by Mary Engelbreit's artwork. Duck has wings and is wearing a colorful blue sailor collar with a red bow-tie, red and white striped in middle and yellow felt hat with cloth pink and green flower. Retired, new. and mint with tag. Expand listing to view both photographs.
No. Available=2

gib0007a.jpg GIB0007 Susan Gibson Dolly Madison First Lady Doll c. 1986-88

Susan Gibson of Reeves International First Ladies Doll approximately 14 inch Dolly Madison vinyl doll is wearing a replica of the ball gown that she wore at James Madison, her husband's first Inaugural Ball. Her husband was our fourth President, and he was in office during the War of 1812. Dolly was a charming hostess, who also saved the painting of George Washington when the British attached Washington D.C. She has brunette wig that is put up and encircled by a pink band, and blue eyes. Susan Gibson reproduced the historical inauguration ball costume, an empire-style cream colored formal gown with pastel embroidered flowers. This doll is a piece of history. She is like new, and near mint-in-the-box with tag. She was manufactured between 1986 and 1988. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.

KEW0001 Cameo Spirit of Freedom Kewpie Doll 2004

Cameo 2004 8 inch Spirit of Freedom Kewpie, No. 06043089, Hard Vinyl Doll with moving head, arms, and legs, has painted side glancing dark eyes, painted sprayed baby toddler hair, a smiling face, and she comes with an adjustable doll stand. This precious Kewpie baby doll's patriotic costume includes a pretty white satin with white net overdress with gold lace trim, red/white/blue ribbon, gold embossed stars, and red and blue net with white ribbon scarf held on by gold star, white with gold undies, matching red/white/blue wings, a gold and white headband, white socks, and white shoes with red and blue ribbons, and she is holding a red and blue torch. This is an outstanding patriotic representation of Kewpie. Discontinued doll is new and mint-in-the-box with certificate and tag, and marketed by Charisma Brands, Inc., using the Cameo Molds.
This Lost Cutie was Found; There is Only 1

pmc0010ba.jpg PMC0010B Precious Moments Sulu Eskimo in White Doll

Precious Moments Company 9 inch vinyl Children of the World doll, Sulu Eskimo No. 1510A, is vinyl doll with dark skin, black hair, dark teardrop eyes, and a smiling face. Sulu is dressed in a white parka with tan fur, as she needs in her cold northern home. This doll has been in production since 1996, but this one was shipped in 2009. New, mint condition with a gift box. Expand to view both photographs.

pmc0017a.jpg PMC0017 Precious Moments Morning Glory American Indian Doll 1995

Precious Moments Company 9 inch vinyl Children of the World doll, Morning Glory, from 1995 is a tan-skinned American Indian (Native American), has short rooted black hair, painted dark teardrop-shaped eyes, and a smiling face. She is wearing a leather dress with blue and red braid fringe, beads, and a headband with feather. Retired doll is in new and mint condition. New and mint condition.

PMC0153A Precious Moments Yamka Hopi Native American Doll 1994-1996

Precious Moments Vinyl and Cloth Native American 12 inch Hopi Girl doll, No. 1483, 1994-1996, is named Yamka which means 'Flower Budding.' She has tan skin, black double ponytails, dark teardrop-shaped eyes, and a smiling face. This American Indian, or Native American, girl doll's outfit includes a red dress with blue and tan braid waist band over a white blouse, turquoise earrings, beads, bracelet, and white boots. This doll is part of a limited edition of 7,500. This retired doll is new and mint with her tag.
No. Available=1

PMC0153E Precious Moments Aquene Yakima Native American Doll 1994-96

Precious Moments Company Vinyl and Cloth Native American 12 inch Yakima Girl doll No. 1484, 1994-1996, Aquene which means 'Peace.' She has tan skin, fur covered black braids covered with a beaded straw hat, white earrings, dark teardrop eyes, and a smiling face. She is wearing a fringed tan suede dress with a blue, pink, yellow geometric print collar, colorful beads, and tan leather-look shoes. She is part of a limited edition of 7,500, that has been discontinued for several years. Retired doll new and mint with her tag.
No. Available=1

pmc0260a.jpg PMC0260 Precious Moments Co. Gertrude and Natasha Wood Dolls 1997

1997 Precious Moments Company set of 12 inch Gertrude and Natasha wood and fabric two-girl dolls set with wood head with wigs, wood hands, stuffed bodies and legs. These dolls display high quality craftsmanship, and they were limited to 1,000 each, have matching numbers, come with stands, certificates, bags, and teddy bears. Gertrude has a dark blonde wig with a back braid, and blue painted teardrop-shaped eyes. She is wearing a red and green plaid dress, white knit sweater, white scarf, and brown leather-like shoes. Natasha has a long pale blonde straight wig, and blue teardrop-shaped eyes. She is wearing a white eyelet underskirt; a blue, green, and dusty pink floral print overskirt and scarf; a dark green velvet jacket over a white blouse with burgundy trim; burgundy stockings; and black leather shoes. These immigrant girl dolls are musical and play 'God Bless America'. They represent immigrant girls coming to the United States. New, mint-in-their boxes with certificates.
$999.00 On Sale! $595.00

pmc0688ba.jpg PMC0688B Precious Moments Star Spangled Tinker Bell Doll 2010

Precious Moments Company 2010 All Vinyl 12 inch Disney Star Spangled Tinker Bell doll, No. 5297, represents a patriotic U.S.A. version of the character in the Peter Pan story in her American fairy ensemble. She has pale blonde hair put up in a bun circled by a wreath of red flowers and glistening silver stars, blue teardrop-shaped eyes, a smiling face, and a red, white, and blue star and glitter on her face. She is dressed in a sparkling red fairy ensemble printed with white stars. It has red , white lace, and silvery netting, and a red ribbon anklet. Her white wings sparkle with silver edging and glitter. She comes with a an American flag. New and mint with a gift box. Expand listing to see both photographs.

vog1642a.jpg VOG1642 Vogue Press Conference Ginny for President Doll 2000

Vogue 2000 Press Conference Ginny for President Doll. This adorable 8 inch hard vinyl modern Ginny is dressed befitting the next president. She has long blonde hair and moving blue eyes. The dignified young presidential hopeful's ensemble includes a dress of black dots on red, black felt bolero jacket with campaign button, black tying shoes, hose, and black briefcase. She is boxed in special red, white, and blue boxes. Sparky did not come with this doll. Discontinued doll is new and mint-in-the-box with a doll-sized comb and brush.
Last One; May be Difficult to Find; so allow extra time

vog1646a.jpg VOG1646 Vogue 2000 Inaugural Ball Modern Ginny for President Doll

Vogue 2000 Inaugural Ball modern Ginny doll from the Ginny for President Collection. This 8 inch hard vinyl doll is a lovely female president with dark blonde hair put up and tied with a gold ribbon and moving brown eyes. President Ginny is wearing a sparkling gold formal evening gown with a President Ginny ribbon. Discontinued doll is new and mint-in-the-box with a doll-sized comb and brush.
No. Available: 1

vog1647a.jpg VOG1647 Vogue Ginny Woos the Labor Vote Doll 2000

Vogue 2000 modern Ginny Woos the Labor Vote doll from the Ginny for President Collection. This 8 inch hard vinyl doll has rooted hair styled in a red bob topped with a yellow hard hat, and moving brown eyes. She hopes that her laborer's ensemble will attract you and all of the grassroots people to her cause. She is wearing tan overalls over rust leotards. Sparky did not come with this doll. Discontinued doll is new and mint-in-the-box with a doll-sized comb and brush.

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