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Gotz Artist and Play Dolls and Accessories
This page is for all Gotz artist-designed and play dolls, outfit, and accessories. The dolls at this site, so far, are from the era when these dolls were made in West Germany. Some of the artist-designed dolls include Sasha, Sylvia Natterer, Susie Eimer, Sissel Skille, Marian Gotz, and Hildegarde Gunzel. If several dolls are by a particular artist and the artist has other dolls, that section will have a linked heading.

Click on an underlined heading or picture for a larger view of the picture, more pictures, and further information on an item.

ghg0002c.jpg GHG0002 Gotz Hildegarde Gunzel Juliet Artist Doll 2002

2002 Juliet is a stunningly beautiful doll designed by the doll artist, Hildegarde Gunzel, in 2002 for Gotz Dolls. Juliet represents a 9 year old girl girl who has a blonde wig and brown eyes. She is wearing a pale green silk-like dress with burgundy trim and matching shoes to go shopping. She is made of high quality vinyl and cloth, and she is 31 inches tall. In 2002 these dolls were still being made in Germany. Discontinued limited edition artist doll is new and mint-in-box. Expand listing to view all 4 pictures.
$1,295.00 On Sale! $1,095.00
Shipping rates will be adjusted to fit your area and shipping choice after package is measured and weighed. Insured Priority Mail is extremely expensive for large packages. Most larger packages are sent either FedEx Ground or U.S.P.S. Insured Parcel Post. This doll's box is too large to go to some countries through the mail and must go via UPS or FedEx which is very expensive.

goz0011a.jpg GOZ0011 Gotz Cindy 13 Inch Doll 1998

Gotz or (Goetz) Play Line 13 inch soft vinyl doll Cindy from approximately 1998, has a sweet face, auburn hair, and brown moving eyes. She is wearing a dark floral print dress with matching beret-type cloth hat. This doll was made in Germany when Gotz was still there. Discontinued, new and mint-in-the-box. She did not come with any tags, just a stock no. on her box. Expand listing to view both photographs.

goz0150a.jpg GOZ0150 Gotz Swim Outfit with Inner Tube for 12-13 In. Baby Doll

Gotz 2000 Swimming Outfit Set for 12-13 inch play and baby dolls. This doll bathing ensemble includes a white with red dots knit swim suit; red knit beach jacket with white anchors; red, white, and blue cloth hat; red and white inner tube; red bucket; and white towel lined with dark blue. Package does not identify this as Sasha outfit, but it fits a Sasha toddler or sitting baby doll of 12-13 inches. Retired doll outfit is new and mint in the cellophane package. Expand listing to view of both photographs.

gse0011a.jpg GSE0011 2000 Gotz Susie Eimer Dorle Artist Doll

2000 Gotz Susie Eimer 27.5 inch Dorle vinyl and fabric artist doll has wig styled in golden blonde double ponytails, and side-glancing blue eyes. This doll represents a little girl wearing a colorful red and white print under-dress with red overdress, brown knit sweater and stocking hat, is holding a cloth boy doll. She has an expressive, impish face, and she was made in Germany. Dorle is new, mint and has her box and tag, though her box has dents. At this point, I do not know if tags or boxes caused any unmentioned problems. Expand listing to view both photographs.
$500.00 On Sale! $485.00
Shipping rates will be adjusted to fit your area and shipping choice after package is measured and weighed. Insured Priority Mail is extremely expensive for larger, more valuable packages and can be more than Express Mail (then package is sent Express Mail). Most larger packages are sent either FedEx Ground or U.S.P.S. Insured Parcel Post.

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