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Use links at the side to navigate to different categories and sections. Use small page numbers at the bottom of listings to go to different pages of large categories. Up to 120-150 items are on a page. Most pages are arranged by stock numbers which are based on types of dolls. Numbers tend to be oldest items with lowest numbers and newest with highest numbers, though for some manufacturers like Tonner and Effanbee, we have different stock numbers for different collections. Most listings can be expanded to view larger photos or pictures and complete information by clicking on the heading or small photograph for most browsers (late version of Firefox may not do this). More information page photographs will enlarge when clicked on all but the Home page. Recently the Home page links have worked with some browsers.

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Knickerbocker, Charisma Brands, Marie Osmond Dolls
This page is for all dolls, accessories, and related collectibles previously marketed by Knickerbocker, Marie Osmond, and currently Charisma Brands. Dolls and brands include vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy and numerous others, and more recently Cameo Kewpie, Deluxe Reading Candy Fashion Doll reproductions, Deluxe Reading Penny Brite reproductions, Magic Attic Club Dolls (designed by Robert Tonner), the Knickerbocker Terri Lee dolls and outfits; and Marie Osmond Dolls.

Click on an underlined heading or picture for a larger view of the picture, more pictures, and further information on an item.

This section could sometimes have over 100 items. If so, use the small numbers at the bottom of the listings to go to additional pages within this category.

Be sure to read descriptions carefully to determine if item is a doll, outfit, or accessory. Some photos show dolls modeling outfits.

kni0002a.jpg KNI0002 Knickerbocker Terri Lee Millenium Bride Doll 2000, New

Knickerbocker's Terri Lee Millennium Bride, was made in 2000, in a limited edition of 5,000. She is a lovely 16 inch hard plastic doll with dark blonde to light brown wig and large painted dark brownish eyes. Her bridal costume includes a lacy wedding gown, a lace veil decorated with pink flowers, and pearl-look necklace. Accessories include a wedding bouquet. Knickerbocker Terri Lee Reproduction Dolls look much like the original ones from the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Knickerbocker dolls are wearing well-made costumes true to the period, now discontinued by Knickerbocker. Discontinued doll is new and mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view the 3 photographs and catalog picture.
$179.00 On Sale! $150.00
Knickerbocker also made extra clothing for that fits these and vintage dolls. See Item KNI0002A for a Mint-in-Box used one of these dolls.

KNI0008 Terri Lee Red Plaid Jumper School Outfit Knickerbocker 2000

Red Plaid Jumper School Girl Outfit No. 320013 for 16 inch Knickerbocker Terri Lee was made in 2000 and should fit all Terri Lee dolls of similar size. This boxed doll ensemble includes a red plaid jumper with a pleated skirt, a short puffed sleeve white blouse with collar and dark tie, red buttons at neckline, white under-bloomers, brown shoes, a book bag, dark hair bows, miniature book and notebook. The doll outfit is pictured as it will come to you. Also in the expanded listing see photo of doll on right modeling the outfit. Price is for the outfit only. This well-made outfit is mint-in-the-package and new. Expand listing to view the photograph and catalog picture.
$79.00 On Sale! $69.00

mac0015a.jpg 1MAC0015 The Ghost of Camp Whispering Pines Magic Attic Club Book

Magic Attic Club softcover book, 'The Ghost of Camp Whispering Pines' by Susan Korman, copyrighted in 1998, 1st Edition, and published by Magic Attic Press, is 77 pages long, for ages 7 up, and has illustrations by Gabriel Picard and Rich Grote. Its story is of the adventures of the 5 Magic Attic Club doll friends at camp: Alison, Heather, Keisha, Megan, and Rose. New and mint. Expand listing to view both photographs.
No. Available: 01 may be available but lost in inventory; another is spoken for if found Lost in inventory

MAC0024 Magic Attic Club Star of the Ice Fashion 2004 Charisma

2004 Star of the Ice Fashion for 18 inch Magic Attic Club Dolls, is an outfit designed by Robert Tonner, and marketed by Charisma Brands. This doll outfit contains a pale lavender ice skater dress embellished with embroidery and long sheer sleeves, matching tights, white ice skates with metal blades, and crown. Doll outfit is new and mint-in-the-box.

MAC0025 Magic Attic Club Cheerleader Chic Fashion 2004 Charisma

2004 Cheerleader Chic Fashion for 18 inch Magic Attic Club Dolls, designed by Robert Tonner, and marketed by Charisma contains a red, white, and black shiny blouse and matching pleated skirt, panties, white socks, white sneakers, red and white pompoms. Outfit is new and mint-in-box.

mao0001a.jpg MAO0001 Marie Osmond 2002 Vinyl Belle of the Ball Doll

Marie Osmond 2002 15 inch vinyl Belle of the Ball, is a charming doll with giant blue eyes, dark blonde hair, and a whimsical expression. She is wearing a party ensemble consisting of a lavender with gold party dress, corona, jewelry, and corsage. The doll is by Marie Osmond of Marian Ltd., formerly Knickerbocker. New and mint-in-the-box. Expand listing to view all 3 photographs.

mao0002a.jpg MAO0002 Marie Osmond 1995 Rosie Doll from Raggedy Twins Series

Marie Osmond 1995 12 inch Rosie from 'Twins' series, is an adorable Raggedy Ann-type girl doll with bisque (porcelain) head and hands, while the rest of body is soft fabric. She has bright red curly yarn wig with a large white bow, fixed brown glass-like eyes, eyelashes, a red nose, and red lips. Her Raggedy-style costume includes a red dress with white hearts print, white pinafore with red rickrack trim, white pantaloons with red bows. Her cloth legs are red and white peppermint-type striped like Raggedy Ann's stockings with black feet like Raggedy shoes. This adorable doll includes her tag, certificate and a bracelet. Marketed by Knickerbocker. Doll was pre-owned, but this retired doll is in near mint-in-the-box condition. Doll is perfect and the same as new, as is the tag, certificate, and bracelet. Some of the paper inside the box is torn, but everything else is perfect. Expand listing to view both photographs.

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